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  1. BBaldwin

    Fisker Stocks

    Fisker Stocks are very low and they drop and go up a little. What is going on how is Fisker doing? You never here how they are doing with production ? The different models, the only one being made is the Ocean, are the other models going to be made , when where ? Lets hear something, I hope...
  2. BBaldwin

    Alaska colors /costs

    I want to see the colors available on the Alaska, actual colors on the vehicle for comparison. Also what is the additional cost for the 113kw battery. On the Ocean it's like $69900K. Ouch, same or more than a Tesla. Fisker are you reading these threads?
  3. BBaldwin

    113 Battery is larger than Tesla

    113 Battery is larger than Tesla I see they will join the Tesla network with the charging plug, smart move . All EV manufactures need to go with Tesla as the standard plug. Just drive up and plug in for charging, they have your credit card on file. I want performance a truck that will 3.5 0-60...
  4. BBaldwin

    larger Battery

    So with the larger battery comes a higher cost any Idea what that cost is?? $45400 for the small one another 10 K for the 113 battery Pack?? anyone know?
  5. BBaldwin

    Would like more specs on Alaska dimensions, height, width, weight

    Would like more details of dimensions, height, width, weight, they only mentioned the length. I love my Performance but could use the pickup often. So, I want the performance. Like the demo color, what other colors will they offer? I guess you wait until 2024 to actually order battery size and...